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April 3: Reflections on One-anothering

Application questions for this week’s sermon: Romans 12

1. Romans 11:34-36 reminds us that we cannot know the mind of God, and 12:5 then goes on to call us to have a transformed mind that discerns the will (mind) of God. What might that have to do with the recognition and use of the diversity of gifts that are mentioned in verses 3-9?

2. What gifts do you believe God has entrusted to you for the benefit of GRPC? Are there ways that you might “stir up the gift entrusted to you” (Paul’s words to Timothy) so that your “brotherly affection” or “family affection” is better felt by others at GRPC?

Reflection questions for NEXT week.

Text will be on Romans 12 again, but on the focus of honoring each other.

1. How does “family affection” relate to honoring each other?

2. Can you think of or find any other Bible passage that encourages us to outdo” each other? What might that term mean?

3. What do you think “honor” means?