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Protective Gear for the Wilderness | Reflection

On Sunday, January 23, Pastor Karl continued the Wilderness Wandering Series with a message from Deuteronomy 9. He reminded us about some of the ways that God protected Israel in their wilderness wandering, and he shared some of the ways God may protect us in our journey as Christians.

You can view the sermon here:

We are encouraged to reflect on this message by thinking through these application questions:

  1. What do you fear, or what causes you anxiety that brings you to ask for God’s protection?
  2. What are some of the things that are important to you…so important that they could dominate your life?
  3. Those are the things that could become or are “gods”. What may happen if God takes them away?
  4. THE ENEMY might be within us! What are the things that you want God to protect you from that are inside you?