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Updates for Re-gathering


General Plan: Our general plan is that when the weather permits, we will have worship outside in the parking lot. When the weather is not conducive to worshiping outside, we will worship in the sanctuary. In both cases, the service will be streamed on GRPC Live for those who are unable to attend in person. You can also call to listen to the live service from any phone – no internet or computer needed! Follow these directions:

  1. Call 712-432-3410
  2. Dial 2 to listen to a live webcast from a particular church.
  3. You will be asked to enter the 5-digit church code.  It is 43406.

Outdoor Worship: The session has voted to make masks optional for outdoor worship services, though we are encouraging those who are not fully vaccinated to continue to wear a mask for the safety of others. There are still some, including our children, who are not able to be vaccinated at this point. The call for all Christians in every situation is to love our neighbors as ourselves and to count others as more significant than ourselves (Mt. 22:39; Phil. 2:3). This encouragement is given out of love and concern for those who may be more vulnerable because they are not able to be vaccinated yet. Note that this pertains to being outside; masks are still required in the building during Sunday School.
Indoor Worship: 
Masks continue to be required for all who attend. As of the time I’m writing this, the indoor mask mandate is still in effect in the state of Maryland, and we are therefore bound by our submission to governing authorities to follow the law. The session regularly discusses our precautions at our meetings, and so once the indoor mandate is lifted, we will be sure to discuss how that impacts our congregation. We continue to have limited space, and therefore ask that you please continue to sign up if you are able to attend an indoor worship service.

Weekly Sign-up Form: 
Space is still limited in the sanctuary, so we still need people to sign up to let us know if you plan to come when we worship inside. The sign-up form can be found on myGRPC or on the church homepage. If you’re planning to attend in person regardless of whether we are inside or outside, please fill out the sign-up form. If you only plan to come if we are outside, don’t worry about the form; you can just plan to show up if we are outside. This will help us a great deal as we plan and prepare. We will plan to make an announcement each week to let you know if we will be inside or outside for that particular Lord’s Day.

Children’s Ministry: 
Please also keep in mind that we currently do not have any child care or children’s ministries available at this time (though we delight to see our covenant children worshipping with us!). We are working to resume our children’s ministries, such as Children’s Church, VBS, and children’s Sunday School classes. However, these ministries can’t be started until we have enough volunteers who are able to serve. Please let us know if you have interest in serving!


The session has decided not to celebrate the Lord’s Supper while most members are virtual. When the weather is nice and we gather outside for worship, all who feel comfortable to come to worship are invited, and Communion will be celebrated. We believe that “coming together” in the New Testament implies a physical, not a virtual, experience. When we come together around the Lord’s Table we celebrate our faith, we look backwards at what Jesus did, we look forward to the wedding supper of the Lamb in the kingdom, we look inward, examining our heart relationship with Him and finally we look upward rejoicing that He who reigns on high is spiritually present with us.


As in the past, when we worshiped in-person, we will have an in-person option for Sunday School. We are continuing in our study of 1 Peter. It has been a rich time together in God’s Word, and we would love to have you join us! Those who are attending worship in-person are welcome to come in person for Sunday School, and we will also have the class on Zoom for all who are not able to come in person. The Zoom link is available on myGRPC.


All other church activities in which we have physical gatherings are cancelled for the time being. Small groups, community groups, and prayer meeting are still meeting through video conferencing. Contact Pastor Eric if you would like more information on joining a Community Group.


Giving will continue to be online, even with the re-gathering plan in motion. You can give online here any week, but especially now that we are not meeting together. There is an option to make a recurring payment if you choose.


If you are in need of any assistance during this time, contact one of the elders or deacons to help line up appropriate help.

If you are able to volunteer to help with any assistance, you can also contact one of the elders or deacons. Assistance may include:

  • Picking up/delivering groceries
  • Picking up/delivering medications
  • Phone call to someone who needs to talk


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