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He is the Yes and Amen of all God’s promises

Dear Grace family,

I recently read through Psalm 89, where the Psalmist repeatedly praises God, recounting his steadfast love and faithfulness. He remembers all God’s mighty works, and most of all the covenant that he made with David and his house, to rule as king forever on God’s throne. He goes on for 37 verses, remembering God’s promises and his faithfulness, but then he takes a dramatic turn and begins to express how different his present experience is from what he has heard about in the past, asking in one place: “Lord, where is your steadfast love of old, which by your faithfulness you swore to David?
Our circumstances can often make it feel like we have been forgotten (or worse, forsaken) by God. As if his promises will not be fulfilled in our lives. Our lives are always filled with trials and suffering, but when you add to that the strange times in which we are living – global pandemic, racial tensions, political division, challenges to religious freedom – it can sometimes start to feel like maybe all hope is lost.
That’s why we need Christ. If it weren’t for Jesus, then the Psalmist’s worst fears would be true. A series of unfaithful kings followed by exile. Even when the people returned to Jerusalem, they never recovered the glory of the Davidic dynasty. Our only cause for hope comes when we remember that Jesus is the one in whom God ultimately keeps his word. He is the Yes and Amen of all God’s promises!
Although every Lord’s Day is a celebration of Christ’s resurrection, it is appropriate that we would have this week each year, where we deliberately set our minds and hearts to remember what Christ has done to keep God’s promises and to deliver us from our sins so that we might find life in him. Never get bored by seeing how all of Scripture points to Jesus. Never think you’re too old or too mature in the faith to reflect on the central importance of Christ’s death and resurrection.
May you find this Easter season to be one where you are once again captivated by your Savior and all he has done for you!
In Christ,
Pastor Eric