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March 6: Reflections on One-anothering

Application questions for this week’s sermon from Philippians 2:1-11

1. What is the difference between “only the interests of others” and “seeking your own interests and also the interests of others”? Think of an example in your life this week where this might be applied.

2. Think of a time you had a conflict of interest – your interest vs someone else. How might you have reframed your conversation with them so that you were seeking their interest as well as yours?

Questions to prepare for NEXT week

Read Colossians 3:12-17  

1. In verse 12, what does it mean that Paul uses the metaphor of “put on (as in getting dressed)” in referencing how we ought to comfort ourselves?

2. Why is it, that after all the positive attributes in verse 12, Paul follows up with discussing the burdens of bearing with other people?

3. In verse 17, what does it mean that in word and deed you do everything in the name of Christ?